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“I had been suffering with neck pain for 15 years never once did I think I would go to a physio. I was recommended by a friend so I thought I would give it a go. I had a friendly welcome when I arrived and the Physiotherapist was very sympathetic about my suffering. She assessed me and explained to me where the pain was coming from. She gave me hands on treatment that helped relieve the pain and now after a couple sessions I am pain free.”


“I had a shoulder injury that needed some intervention from a professional. I was referred privately to see James at Redcar Physiotherapy and what I can say is that James is a true professional. His assessment of the injury was thorough his explanation of the problem and the treatment was clear and honest. James made a plan and the treatment improved the range of pain free movement dramatically. After the first five sessions James discussed the progress made. I was impressed with his honesty and professionalism at this point because he pointed out that there is a strong likelihood that a scan would be required to better understand the complex injury in order to sustain the improvement.

This professionalism saved me untold amount of pain, money, time and ultimately put me on the right path to correcting the injury for the long term. James is genuinely passionate about the treatment and advice he provides and continues to contact me to ask my progress. This holistic approach is why I would recommend James to anybody.”


“From my first visit James always made me feel comfortable and relaxed in his presence. I am a keen runner have suffered injuries to my legs, groin and back. With James’s help I am now injury free. James got me through the great north run last year which I am very grateful for. I would recommend James to anyone.”



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