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Pilates is a form of exercise that is based on the anatomical understanding of the bodies muscular and skeletal systems. The benefits of Pilates are:

• Improved posture
• Improved flexibility and mobility of the spine
• Improve muscular tone
•Improved core strength, balance and co-ordination
• Increases your awareness of mind and body interaction

Pilates is an effective form of treatment for alleviating back pain, this is due to many of the benefits above. Pilates makes you aware of your body positioning that can effectively correct any muscle weaknesses or imbalance. Participating regularly in Pilates can also be a long term solution to back pain, as well as prevent any re-occurrence of back pain in the future.

All Pilates Sessions are provided either on a 1:1 basis, these sessions are provided by a qualified Pilates Instructor who will tailor your programme to your specific needs. Pilates sessions are available to book now for both men and women of all ages and abilities.

Coming with a friend?
We also provide Pilates sessions on a 2:1 basis.

Group Pilates Class

Unfortunately Redcar is currently in tier 4, so face to face pilates classes are unable to resume. Therefore pilates is now continuing via zoom every Tuesday at 5.15pm. 

Group Pilates Classes are every Tuesday at 4.30pm and 5.30pm, this is held at Newcomen Methodist Church 43 Mersey Rd, Redcar TS10 1NH. If you are interested in group classes please contact Louise on 01642 490110 or e-mail

Pregnancy Pilates

Pregnancy Pilates sessions are specifically designed to suit you and your growing baby. Pilates enables your body to maintain a level of fitness that is needed for the process of giving birth. Participating in Pilates during pregnancy helps maintain and improve the condition of both your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles.

Post Natal Pilates

There are numerous benefits in participating in postnatal Pilates this can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, re-educate your bodies posture following the natural changes during pregnancy, re-train your abdominal muscles to help strengthen and support your back and pelvis, and gently stretch your muscles.

This class is for both mum and baby from 6-8 weeks following a GP health check and from 12 weeks following a c-section. This post natal class incorporates baby yoga and nursery rhymes  to connect with your baby with music and movement is so beneficial. This class can  help improve your mental wellbeing and provide some relaxation and time following the class for a chat, cuppa and a sweet treat. 

NEW CLASS: Postnatal group pilates class commencing Thursday 7th of January at 9.30am, if you are interested please contact Louise. 


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